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Pastel Strokes

Single Session Mindfulness Skills

The word mindfulness is used a lot.. and for good reason! There is an excellent evidence base to show the positive impact that mindfulness skills can have on a wide variety of life experiences, such as: mental health, chronic pain, addictions, our relationships, and our brain processes (attention, emotion control, creativity).

But what does mindfulness actually mean? and how can we use mindfulness to help our everyday life? Our counsellor Kate Kneipp has developed a single session mindfulness skills program to to help you. During a single session (in person or online), Kate will learn more about your current situation and help you to develop a range of mindfulness skills that fit in with your life.

What is Included in Each Session:

  • Learn about the benefits of mindfulness.

  • Personalised Approach: Tailored techniques to meet individual needs and goals. 

  • Guided Mindfulness Exercises: Practise mindfulness techniques in session and reflect on their impact.

  • Discussion and Reflection: Opportunity to share experiences and receive guidance on integrating mindfulness into daily life.

  • Takeaway Resources: Access recordings of the mindfulness and grounding techniques to make practising at home easier. 


Who is This For:

  • People struggling with heightened emotions, stress, anxiety, depression.

  • Busy Professionals: Seeking relief from stress and a clear mind amidst a hectic schedule.

  • Students: Managing academic pressures and looking for mental clarity.

  • Anyone Interested in Wellness: Exploring mindfulness as a tool for personal growth and stress management.

Cost: $125 per 60min session ($135 on weekends)

Click here to register your interest in a mindfulness single session, and our team will be in touch to discuss options.

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