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Complaints Process

How To Make Complaint If You Are Unhappy With Our Service

Melbourne Psychology & Counselling is committed to providing a high-quality service to the community, our referrers, new patients and clients. We welcome all feedback, as well as complaints, as these help us to improve our service to you and our other clients.

If you are unhappy with our intake or administration service or are unhappy with your treatment with your psychologist we would like to hear about it. Your complaint will be handled with fairness and efficiency. We will maintain impartiality, confidentiality and transparency when we manage any complaints.

How To Make a Complaint


In the first instance, if you are making a complaint about your psychologist, consider bringing the issue up directly with your psychologist. This may help to resolve your concerns and clarify any misunderstandings or to allow any grievances to be heard.
If you are wanting to make a complaint about other aspects of your experience with Melbourne Psychology and Counselling (e.g., intake process, administration service), please see step 2 below.


If you do not feel comfortable raising the issue with your psychologist, are not satisfied with the response you receive, or are wanting to make a complaint about our administration services, you can lodge a complaint to the Directors of MPC, Dr Claire Ahern and Dr Christine Raab. We are committed to helping you as best we can in an open and constructive manner.

Complaints can be made over the phone or via email. We encourage complaints, where possible, to be submitted in writing via email.

T: (03) 9005 1769 


We will contact you for an initial conversation to try to find a suitable solution to your concerns. 


If you are not satisfied with our handling of your complaint internally, or our internal process presents a conflict of interest, you are entitled to pursue an external method of review. These methods include making a complaint directly to one of the following external agencies that govern the provision of health services in  Australia.

Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA):
T: 1300 419 495

National Health Practitioner Ombudsman and Privacy Commissioner
The Ombudsman deals with complaints about the bodies responsible for implementing Australia’s national health practitioner regulation scheme. They ask that you first raise your concerns with the body that is the subject of your complaint (for example, AHPRA) in order to provide them with an opportunity to resolve your concerns.


T: 1300 795 265

Timelines for resolution of complaints

We are committed to responding to the initial receipt of any complaints within two (2) business days.  We aim to resolve all complaints as soon as reasonably practicable (within 30 days) in an open and constructive manner.

While we are committed to resolving complaints within 30 days whenever possible, external reviews will have their own timeframes. If a resolution of the matter is likely to take longer than thirty (30) days, an update of the resolution activities will be provided to you, with an anticipated revised timeframe for resolution.

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