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Dr Jennifer Preston

Clinic Supervisor

Clinical Psychologist / Clinical Psychology Supervisor


  • Doctor of Psychology (Clinical Psychology) – Melbourne University

  • Post-Graduate Diploma (Psychology)  - Monash University

  • Graduate Diploma of Psychology  - Monash University

About Jennifer

Jennifer is an empathetic and experienced clinical psychologist who is committed to helping clients make positive changes.
She combines a strong understanding of psychological models and interventions with warmth, persistence, flexibility, and a
genuine desire to understand and to help. Jennifer believes that effective therapy is practical and change-focused, and
strives to provide clients with the knowledge and tools so they can improve their lives in ways that are meaningful and relevant for them.

Jennifer is also a registered clinical psychology supervisor, and is passionate about the importance of supervision for
professional psychologists. She has a wide range of supervisory experience, including:

  • Supervision for early career psychologists (including as the primary supervisor for registrar psychologists seeking clinical endorsement)

  • Supervision for psychologists seeking registration in Australia under a transitional registration program

  • Individual supervision for professional psychologists in private practice

  • Supervision for psychologists working in multidisciplinary teams within the public health system

  • Individual and group supervision

  • Peer supervision

  • Short-term supervision based on specialised learning needs.

For many years Jennifer also provided clinical supervision to provisional psychologists at the University of Melbourne
Psychology Clinic. Jennifer’s supervision style is warm, supportive, enthusiastic and practical. Her approach to supervision is built on collaborative reflective practice, and empowering supervisees to incorporate the process-based aspects of clinical experience into their learning. She believes in the importance of regular and respectful feedback between supervisor and supervisee, and is committed to assisting supervisees to look beyond simplistic “one size-fits-all” approaches. Jennifer has
developed a particular interest in e-tools and resources, and their possibilities in clinical work and practice management. She supports supervisees to extend and refine their clinical skills, build effective working systems, maintain good self-care, and develop fulfilling careers based on their needs and values.

Jennifer previously worked with Melbourne Psychology & Counselling as an independent psychologist where she developed a reputation for her warmth, and her considered and thorough approach. We are proud to have Jennifer back to work with us again as the clinic supervisor for our Early Career Mentorship Program. This has been so well received that Melbourne Psychology & Counselling plans to extend Jennifer's facilitation of peer supervision to more experienced independent psychologists of the clinic.

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