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All Psychologists Welcome

Melbourne Psychology & Counselling (MPC) is home to a group of warm and experienced mental health professionals. 


We work with children, adolescents and adults and have availability 

for 1 - 2 psychologists to join our team.

Melbourne Psychology & Counselling was founded in 2016 by Dr Claire Ahern and Dr Christine Raab. Our aim is to provide our local community with high quality psychological therapy and to attract like minded psychologists to build a service focused on accessibility, valuing diversity, and high ethical and clinical standards, along with a focus on clinician welfare and work life balance.


Our team prides itself on being warm, approachable, and providing high quality psychological treatment to our local community. Hence we undertake research on the outcomes of our work, learn from each other through peer support and prioritise ongoing skills growth through professional development. To maintain our positive, mutually supportive environment, we are interested in psychologists joining our group for the longer term. 


To see testimonials from psychologists working at MPC about their experience, please take a look at the bottom of this page (click here).




MPC has a reliable referral stream from a range of GPs, psychiatrists, local community and services in the northern suburbs. Psychologists working from MPC have the opportunity to work with a broad range of people and presenting problems. Diaries and client loads can be filled consistently and quickly.


MPC provides comfortable consulting rooms, a shared resource library and a range of administrative and clinical support services allowing psychologists to fully focus on their clinical work. Psychologists are supported by two highly engaged Directors (both clinical psychologists that also see clients at MPC), an intake team that coordinates triage of new clients, and a reception team.  We provide quality administration, practice management software, marketing and reliable referrals. Our robust intake triage service ensures that new clients are motivated for therapy, leading to greater client retention.  We have a mentorship program, provided by the directors, for early career psychologists, or psychologists new to private practice (read more here). MPC also provides opportunities for professional development, and peer supervision led by the Directors and/or experienced clinical psychologists independent of MPC (read more here). 


MPC supports collegiate learning through our monthly OCD Interest Group and Trauma Interest Group led by Dr Claire Ahern and Dr Christine Raab. These groups allow all clinicians to come together to continue to develop skills, discuss the latest research, practice therapeutic techniques and discuss thorny therapeutic issues together. In addition, there is an EMDR Interest Group led by an external EMDR consultant.


Psychologists at MPC enjoy working with a range of interests and practice  from a variety of modalities. While some have been in private practice for more than 10  years, others are early career clinicians completing their registrar program. We all value collegiality, learning and collaboration.  Peer support is available from each other on site, and the team attends regular professional development and social events. We undertake an annual  review of our services and team welfare. Overwhelmingly psychologists tell us that they feel supported and enjoy the team environment at MPC.



You would be an independent psychologist with full autonomy over your clinical approach, hours worked, fee levels and preferred client presentations/therapeutic modalities. If you are an early career psychologist you are eligible for mentoring with one of the Director’s (both registered supervisors with long standing experience in private practice). You would be available to work a minimum of two sessions per week.



MPC offers additional support to early career psychologists as they transition into private practice. We provide regular individual mentoring/supervision with one of the Directors (both Clinical Psychologists & board-registered supervisors). We also employ a highly experienced external supervisor who runs a fortnightly group supervision program for early career psychologists at MPC.


To complement the skills of the current group, we are looking for independent psychologists who possess the following skills and attributes:


  • Fully registered with AHPRA and current professional indemnity insurance.

  • Eligible for Medicare rebates under the Better Access Scheme.

  • Experience working with clients in private practice, community agency or public mental health. 

  • Demonstrated experience managing varied client load with a variety of presenting issues.

  • Proven ability to produce timely and high quality correspondence to referrers.

  • Demonstrated interest in ongoing professional development and growth.

  • Willingness to work at least two days per week in private practice.


Valued additional attributes:

  • Demonstrated experience or interest in working with:

    • obsessive-compulsive & related disorders

    • trauma related difficulties

    • perinatal issues

    • eating disorders

  • Demonstrated experience or interest in working with children & adolescents, and their families, and/or

  • Demonstrated experience or interest in working with LGBTIQ+ clients and their families, and/or

  • Demonstrated experience or interest in working with couples.


Applications close on May 15 2024. Early applications are encouraged and may result in early  interviews and offers.


Please send a cover letter outlining your interest in joining the team, as well as a CV to


For any inquiries prior to application please contact: Dr Christine Raab or Dr Claire Ahern, Directors, Melbourne Psychology & Counselling on (03) 9005 1769.

Testimonials from MPC Psychologists 

"I came to MPC as a new graduate of a clinical psychology master’s program. I came with years of experience in the community sector, but private practice was a new role for me. I was immediately put at ease by Claire and Chris. I was encouraged and trusted to lean on my professional skills, previous experience, knowledge and training. Simultaneously, they provided me with the guidance and support when I needed it.


It is clear Claire and Chris value a high standard of clinical treatment, which is in line with my own principles. While I work independently, there is plenty of opportunity for peer support. I have used PD, team meetings, interest groups and the end of year celebration to connect with colleagues. There is also no pressure to overstretch myself, so I can comfortably maintain the workload.


All the referral, intake and feedback processes are clear and well managed. The case management software is efficient and user friendly. I use it to store my files, process billing and complete correspondence.


I have been with MPC about 3 years now and I see myself here for many more."

- Maddy Scott, Clinical Psychologist

"Melbourne Psychology and Counselling is a fantastic place to work.


Chris and Claire promote flexibility to allow individuals to work their own way and they are super responsive when you do have a question.


There's also a great team atmosphere where everyone feels supported, nurtured and included. I had always been advised to keep one foot in the public system but I have found the experience here so good that I gave up a salaried position to work here full time."

- Dr Richard Davies, Clinical Psychologist

"I cannot speak highly enough about working at Melbourne Psychology and Counselling!


I've been here since beginning the Registrar phase of my Clinical Psychology training, right through to successful endorsement and beyond. And I also obtain ongoing formal supervision from the team.


What stands out the most to me is the superb balance that both Chris and Claire are able to achieve between an environment that feels warm, easy, approachable and relaxed yet simultaneously ethical, robust and accountable. 


The systems of support  (practical, professional and emotional) are in place behind the scenes which allows me to do the work I love in a sustainable way. There is also an effortless collegiality that's present between us all which makes it so enjoyable as a workplace. 


I feel very lucky to have landed here."

- Dr Rony Duncan, Clinical Psychologist

"Melbourne Psychology & Counselling (MPC) is a truly wonderful private practice! I started working at MPC on their intake team when I was a graduate student and continued with them through my registrar program and beyond.


Throughout my time with MPC, I have felt very supported by Claire and Chris, and encouraged to lean into my strengths and areas of interest. I have enjoyed having full autonomy over my caseload and given the space to work in whichever way suits me best.


To support autonomous work, MPC provides plenty of colleaguial opportunities in the form of supervision, professional development opportunities, peer discussion groups, and social events.


The team of clinicians and intake staff they have attracted are super friendly and warm. I am grateful to now have lasting relationships as a result."

- Emily Bird, Clinical Psychologist

"As a psychologist working in private practice for over ten years, I have experienced a range of different workplace environments and setups.


I can easily say that MCPS has been the most supportive, nurturing and positive practice environment to work in. The directors are warm, approachable, knowledgeable and highly dedicated to the team.


They welcome feedback to enhance the clinic’s practices and are hands-on in making improvements to the work practice environment. Private practice settings can live or die based upon their effective administration and communication and this is a core strength of MCPS.


Time is dedicated to assess each client’s needs before appointments are made to ensure the best fit is achieved for client and psychologist.


As a busy and in high-demand practice, MCPS has a fun, friendly and inclusive team culture and values providing opportunities for professional development, team meetings and social activities/ gatherings."

- Leigh Parkin, Clinical Psychologist

"I have been working at MPC for 5 years and started my career in private practice here. I have been so welcomed and supported from the onset by the directors, Chris and Claire, and the team.


Being in private practice can often be an isolating experience for many psychologists, however at MPC the opportunities to attend the mentor program for early career psychologists, group supervision and regular meetings has made it an incredibly supportive, nurturing and empowering experience. The admin team provides great support and there is an ongoing supply of new referrals.

I feel so lucky to be enjoying such a fulfilling and satisfying career as a psychologist where I have freedom and support to work in my areas of interest, the encouragement to challenge myself and grow my expertise in other areas, and so many opportunities to learn. Claire and Chris have created a wonderful workplace and service."

- Olga Roumanos, Psychologist

"I’ve been a registered psychologist since 2009 and have worked in a number of private and public services since then.


I’ve worked as an Independent Contractor with Melbourne Psychology and Counselling since 2017 and highly recommend their management services. It’s not difficult to find a somewhere to be a private practitioner, but it’s rare to find somewhere that operates ethically, provides a supportive team environment and has solid processes for both clients and practitioners.


The Directors are excellent practitioners in their own right, ethical, smart, kind and warm humans and somehow manage to balance the needs of all parties in their business model.


Having worked in environments where I haven’t had control of my diary, I now have full control and feel no pressure around how to run my case load. They are accurate and timely with financial matters. The intake service provided is excellent, I work with the clients that suit my skill-base and feel totally confident about their ability to match client with practitioner.


I feel so fortunate to be part of this fabulous and skilled team."

- Margie Fry, Counselling Psychologist

"I found MPC to be an exceptionally welcoming, vibrant, and inclusive place to work.


Claire and Chris are highly experienced and knowledgeable practitioners who are extremely
supportive and responsive in their role as clinic directors, and lovely people as well - I would
recommend them both in a heartbeat in any one of those categories! They have built a warm, thoughtful and collaborative workplace culture where the sharing of ideas, training and development opportunities, and practice improvements, are all valued.


Many of my clients have told me they feel comfortable at the clinic and comment on the friendly atmosphere. I’m sad to no longer be working at MPC, which is why I was delighted to be asked to provide group supervision to the MPC Early Career Psychologists."


- Dr Jennifer Preston, Clinical Psychologist

"MPC is a wonderful place to commence the journey into private practice.


Both Claire and Chris are incredibly warm, responsive, and knowledgeable. They provided clinical support as well as support in helping me set up all my private practice admin  and Medicare systems, and also helped with the Clinical Psychology endorsement program.

There is a big focus in creating a collegial atmosphere with great professional development sessions, early career and group supervision programs and social events.

I was referred people that reflected my clinical interests and I was given full autonomy in my clinical work.

I cannot speak more highly about MPC and I am more than happy to speak about my experience further if you’d like to contact me."

- Julia Cheah, Clinical Psychology Registrar

"I have been working for MPC for the past three years. Simply put, it is the best group private practice I have worked for (I have previously worked at 4 other group practices).


Claire and Chris do a great job of allowing autonomy while also providing support as and when needed. And they actively elicit feedback from the team and then implement it.


The culture among the team is inclusive, collegial and fun. I have never had a problem with getting enough referrals and I have found that the thoroughness of the intake process has led to  lower no-show rates and more of my ideal clients than other practices I have worked at."

- Dr Jamie Barnier, Clinical Psychologist

Testimonials from MPC psychologists
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