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OCD Online

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) affects approximately 2% of the Australian population and yet access to effective treatment is poor. A shortage of trained professionals, long waitlists and financial constraints mean that only a small percentage of individuals with OCD receive the care they need.

Moreover, those that enter into treatment often find it difficult to complete. There may be many reasons for this, but a common report is that the approach can feel too “one size fits all” and doesn’t address the personal nuances that can come with having OCD.

Our OCD Online programs seek to bridge these gaps
to help more people access and complete effective treatment for OCD.

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Our Programs

OCD Group

Comprehensive online treatment program for OCD.

Carers Session

Learn information & strategies to support a loved one with OCD.

Support Session

A single session to point you in the right direction.

OCD Online Group Program

OCD Group

Our OCD Online Group Program provides therapist and group support to help you complete an already established and effective online treatment for OCD - OCD STOP.

This is a comprehensive treatment program that is suitable for people who have had no experience in treatment for their OCD, as well as those who have had treatment before and feel ready to get involved back into ERP in a supportive environment.





Experienced OCD Psychologist