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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) affects approximately 2% of the Australian population and yet access to effective treatment is poor. A shortage of trained professionals, long waitlists and financial constraints mean that only a small percentage of individuals with OCD receive the care they need.

Moreover, those that enter into treatment often find it difficult to complete. There may be many reasons for this, but a common report is that the approach can feel too “one size fits all” and doesn’t address the personal nuances that can come with having OCD.

Our OCD Online programs seek to bridge these gaps
to help more people access and complete effective treatment for OCD.

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Our Programs

OCD Group

Comprehensive online treatment program for OCD.

Support Session

A single session to point you in the right direction.

Carers Session

Learn information & strategies to support a loved one with OCD.


Practical support to  help clinicians who work with OCD

OCD Online Group Program

OCD Group

Our OCD Online Group Program provides therapist and group support to help you complete an already established and effective online treatment for OCD - OCD STOP.

This is a comprehensive treatment program that is suitable for people who have had no experience in treatment for their OCD, as well as those who have had treatment before and feel ready to get involved back into ERP in a supportive environment.





Experienced OCD Psychologist

Dr Claire Ahern works with OCD & related disorders in both research and private practice. Read more about her experience.

Dr Claire Ahern works with OCD & related disorders in both research and private practice. Read more about her experience.

Our OCD Online Group Program uses the material provided by OCD STOP  - a free online course offered through Mental Health Online.


Over 12-modules, you will learn about:

  • OCD & Anxiety

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP).

  • Beliefs in OCD (Responsibility, intolerance of uncertainty, perfectionism)

Course Content

Location:   Online

Format:      Group

Length:      1.5hr per week




Support from others

Experience the support that comes from connecting with others who share similar experiences to you.

1.5hr weekly sessions

Each week will cover the content from OCD STOP & help to tailor the information to your particular experience.

Dr Claire Ahern introduces
the OCD Online Group

Carer Session

The symptoms of OCD often impact more than the individual. The nature of the disorder means that it is common for compulsions to involve other people, and often despite our attempts to help, the disorder can worsen.

This is a space where parents, partners or carers can develop a deeper understanding about what your loved one may be facing. You will be provided with strategies and resources to support the mental health for the whole family.





Location:   Online

Format:     Individual or Group (up to 3)

Length:     1hr Single Session




Support Session

There are a variety of reasons that someone may want a single session with a psychologist who has expertise with OCD:

  • You want to connect with someone who is experienced in OCD, who can provide you with resources, and point you in the right direction.

  •  You are doing one of the self-help programs listed above and would like to have it tailored to your specific situation.

  • You have had treatment before and just want to ask a few questions to get your momentum back.

  • You are interested in ongoing treatment, but would like some short-term strategies and resources until longer term treatment is available.


​Location:   Online

Format:     Individual

Length:     1 hr Single Session




Carer Support
Booster ERP for OCD


At some point, all clinicians who work with OCD will have doubts about whether they are doing treatment "right" (I know I have!). This is because OCD is the Disorder of Doubt and the uncertainty that our clients feel can be transferred to us too.


My role is to provide you with a deeper understanding of OCD. You will learn that there are many different symptom presentations, but similar core underlying themes. We discuss your current skill base and then combine our shared expertise to develop practical approaches that improve your outcomes, and increase your confidence in working with OCD.

Some clinicians just want a single session to discuss a particular issue, while others may want ongoing sessions. Both are available depending on availability.




Location:   Online

Format:     Individual or Group

Length:     1hr

Frequency: Single Session or Ongoing




Frequently Asked Questions

When Are The Groups or Single Sessions?

Dates for the groups will be posted on this page. If you would like to be emailed about future group dates, please complete the contact form. Availability for single sessions depend on the availability for the psychologist. Complete the contact form with your availability and we will be in contact about potential dates & times. For single sessions, please use the contact form below and indicate your preference for single sessions.

Which OCD Subtypes Is the Group Suitable For?

All subtypes are welcome! One of the best parts about the group is learning that the different symptom presentations doesn't matter as much as you may think. While two people with OCD can be have very different symptoms, the underlying processes are the same.

Can I Do Online Treatment Without Doing The Group?

This depends on what your treatment goals are. If you have never had any OCD treatment before, you might want to try the Mental Health Online program on your own. It is free and they have some therapist support to complete it. MindSpot and This Way Up also offer excellent evidence based online treatments for OCD. If you would like more support, our OCD Online Group provides you with the group support to complete the Mental Health Online program.

Can I See Dr Claire Ahern For Individual Sessions?

Unfortunately, Dr Claire Ahern is not able to accept clients for ongoing treatment. She is only available for single sessions and running the group programs. Dr Claire Ahern runs Melbourne Psychology & Counselling's OCD Interest Group - which is a place where psychologists who are interested in OCD and related disorders can discuss OCD research, assessment, and treatment. If you would like to see one of the other psychologists who are part our OCD interest group, then please then contact our intake team.

Is There Any  Programs For Trichotillomania?

At this stage, the group program is for OCD only. Dr Claire Ahern is not aware of online programs for Trichotillomania that are evidence based (and publish their data) but please let us know if you find something. People who have trich symptoms may wish to have a single session with Dr Claire Ahern to discuss treatment options.

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