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Tracey Ramsey

Clinical Psych Registrar


  • Master of Clinical Psychology – Swinburne University

  • Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) – La Trobe University

About Tracey

Tracey has worked in a variety of clinical settings with adolescents and adults, facilitating individual and group therapy using specific treatment for a variety of psychological conditions, including anxiety, depression, and traumatic experiences.

Before becoming a psychologist, Tracey has had a broad experience of assisting distressed people through her long career with Victoria Police, and through a short period as a paramedic. She has worked in a range of roles at Victoria Police. These roles give her distinct understanding of traumatic experiences.

Working in the Sexual Offences and Child-abuse Investigation Team (SOCIT) Tracey has supported survivors of sexual assault and child abuse during the investigation process. In the same way, her work within the coroners’ court involved providing support to family members and legal representatives.

In her role as a police welfare officer, she provided psychological and practical support to current and retired Victoria Police members and their families in relation to critical incidents, crisis, trauma, mental health, and workplace conflict.


With knowledge of assisting individuals who have mental health difficulties or trauma, and the experience of a first responder Tracey has a unique understanding of mental health and traumatic experiences. 
In her role as a clinical psychology registrar Tracey helps individuals to develop an understanding of themselves and their experience of anxiety, depression or trauma. She aims to help clients create meaning from their experiences with the goal being to equip them with a variety of skills and strategies to improve their mental health and enhance their overall wellbeing.

Tracey tailors her approach according to each client, their personality style and unique history. Tracey works in a manner that promotes a warm collaboration around therapy and empowerment of the client. Tracey believes every client is the expert in their own lives, and her role is to help clients work towards a positive wellbeing.


Tracey trained in cognitive-behavioural and cognitive processing therapies, and is qualified in Cognitive Processing Therapy for Trauma and PTSD.

Therapeutic Interests

Tracey enjoys working with adults experiencing:

  • Depression, anxiety, and related concerns.

  • Trauma and PTSD

Other Professional Interests

Tracey Ramsey (ABN 25 898 755 936) is an independent psychologist practicing for the clients of Melbourne Psychology and Counselling. 


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