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Health & Wellbeing Statement

 Melbourne Psychology & Counselling (MPC) aims to provide a healthy, safe and caring environment for staff, independent psychologists, clients and visitors.



MPC is committed to developing a values-based health, safety and wellbeing culture and seeks to enhance the health, safety and wellbeing of its people so they can thrive in work and life. We care about everyone’s mental and physical health, safety and wellbeing, and believe that no task or activity is so important that it cannot be done safely. 


MPC will work towards: 
a) promoting and providing a safe environment free from discrimination for all with zero tolerance for abuse and harm. 
b) integrating health, safety and wellbeing into management responsibilities and strategies. 
c) consult with staff, independent psychologists and clients in an open and respectful manner in all matters that affect their mental and physical health, safety and wellbeing.
d) identify hazards, assess foreseeable risks and implement appropriate processes or remedial actions towards preventing such incidents.


MPC staff, independent psychologists, clients and visitors will: 

a) be responsible for their own safety, and for fellow independent psychologists, MPC staff, visitors and clients, by working in a safe, respectful and appropriate manner.
b)  treat all staff, independent psychologists, clients and visitors with dignity, courtesy, and respect
c) take into account all health, safety and wellbeing training, information and instruction provided by MPC.

d) report all hazards and incidents as soon as possible 
e) identify, communicate and support measures to eliminate or minimise unsafe conditions.

We believe that everyone has the right to be treated with respect and courtesy. We do not tolerate aggressive behaviour towards our team or other clients. Thank you for helping us maintain a safe, warm and respectful environment.

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