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Warm and Experienced
​Mental Health Professionals

About Melbourne Psychology & Counselling

Melbourne Psychology & Counselling (MPC) is home to a highly skilled group of warm and approachable psychologists.


We provide psychological treatment for children, adolescents and adults to improve mental health and wellbeing.  We value the diversity of our clients and provide a safe non-judgemental environment to learn more about your experience.

Research at Melbourne Psychology & Counselling

Therapeutic Relationship

96.8% of clients felt that they had been listened to and that their problems were understood by their psychologist.

90.5% of clients report that they feel better equipped to cope after counselling sessions

Improved Coping

92.4% of clients report that their lives have been positively impacted by treatment

Greater Wellbeing

Our Approach

We provide a range of evidence-based therapies and tailor our treatment approach to best suit your needs.

All therapies are applied from a client-centred framework; while we have qualifications and expertise as psychologists, we respect that you are the best expert on you.


We learn about your perspective, strengths and difficulties in an interested and non-judgemental manner. 


Therapy is therefore a process where we join our skill sets and collaborate on what is most important and effective for you. 

Our Expertise

We are experienced at working with a range of psychological difficulties including:

  • Anxiety, panic and stress

  • Depression & bipolar disorder

  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders (Hoarding Disorder, Trichotillomania, Dermatillomania)

  • Recovery after trauma or abuse (sexual, physical & emotional)

  • Eating disorders and body image concerns

  • Psychosis

  • Insomnia & other sleeping difficulties, and more

Melbourne Psychology & Counselling (MPC) is home to a highly skilled group of independent psychologists.


Psychologists working from MPC rooms provide psychological care and counselling for children, adolescents and adults, while MPC provides intake and referral services to new clients and referring health professionals, as well as providing admin services to support the clinical work of psychologists.

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